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About us

Pelter Pressing is specialized in stamping.
It consists of 2 departments: the toolshop and the production of metal parts by stamping.

In the toolshop we make stamping tools and spare parts, both for our own in-house production as well as for third parties. We are fully equipped to realize this whole process ourselves, from engineering until finished product with measurement report. If required, we can make prototypes in advance.

In the production we use our stamping tools for stamping large and small metal parts, and this in large and small quantities. For this we use presses from 10 tons until 250 tons. We can also provide special treatments such as washing, deburring, spot welding, assembling,…

In other words Pelter Pressing can realize the full development of a metal part: designing a product together with the customer, the construction of the necessary tool and the finishing of the product. We are very highly skilled in our profession. This is reflected in our ISO9001 certification and even more in our high delivery reliability and very low complaints level.

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Washing machine for metal products



The wire EDM division has been extended with a CNC start hole drilling machine, a Mitsubishi Start 43C. This is used to quickly make startholes in plates and workpieces.


Recently, Pelter Pressing is equipped with the VISI CAD system for the design of tools and the VISI CAM system for the programming of EDM- and milling machines.

Our services

The toolshop

In the toolshop we are specialized in designing and developing stamping tools and spare parts. In addition, we can also repair tools in here. This we do both for our own in-house use as well as for third parties. As software programs we use Autocad, Inventor and VISI during the design and PEPS for programming our milling- and wire EDM machines. Thanks to our experience, well equipped machinery park and technical skilled people we are very highly specialized in this.

Machinery park toolshop:

Wire EDM machines (Mitsubishi, Sodick, Agie Charmilles)4x
Start hole EDM machine2x
Zinc EDM machines1x
Milling machines CNC + Conventional2x cnc – 3x con
Surface grinding machine (Jung)3x
Cylindrical grinding machine (Studer)1x
Coordinate grinding machine (Hauser)1x
Lathes CNC + Conventional1x cnc – 2x con

The production of metal parts by stamping

In the production we mainly make metal parts by stamping. Other specialties of our production are perforating coils and laths, assembling components, washing, deburring, point welding, … Also in this department we can rely on our experience, highly skilled people and well equipped machinery park.

Machinery park production:

Press 250 ton (Kaiser)1x
Press 200 ton (Kaiser)1x
Press 160 ton (Kaiser)1x
Press 125 ton (Kaiser)1x
Press 100 ton (Kaiser)2x
Press 100 ton (Schaal)1x
Press 80 ton (Kaiser)1x
Press 80 ton (Schaal)1x
Press 80 ton (Mabu)1x
Press 75 ton (Bret)1x
Press 63 ton (Kaiser)1x
Press 63 ton (Schaal)1x
Press 50 ton (Kaiser)2x
Press 50 ton (mabu)1x
Press 40 ton (Schaal)1x
Press 32 ton (Kaiser)6x
Press 25 ton (Bruderer)2x
Press 25 ton (Schaal)1x
Press 10 ton (Schaal)1x
C-frames – 10-160 ton6x
Automatic degreasing machine (Multimac)1x
Automatic deburring- and washing machine (Rotofinish )2x
Automatic digital profile projector (Keyence)1x
Spot welding machines
Welding machines
Tapping machines
Assembly machines



The history of “Pelter Pressing” begins in 1979 when Jan Loomans and his wife, Paula Mannaerts, start the toolshop “Pelter Matrijzenbouw”. As a real family the company was initially established in their own home.


The company progressively focuses also on stamping tools and stamping work, resulting in the establishment of Pelter Pressing in 1990.




Because of the steady growth, the company needs a new location. Therefore in 1992 Pelter Pressing moves to the industrial area “Nolimpark” in Overpelt. They constantly invest in machinery, resources, accommodation and people.

The team expands further with the children of Jan and Paula (Wim, Gert and Mieke), each of them joining the family business with full commitment.


In 2011 Jan and Paula decide to pass on the leadership. Gert Loomans is now head of Pelter Pressing, which focuses on stamping and tool construction.

Wim Loomans is now head of the department mold making for plastics and injection molding, which is now called “Loomans Technics”.

Pelter Pressing can still count on the expertise of Jan and Paula. Also Mieke is still active in the company, which now employs 30 to 35 skilled employees. Day after day they are ready to make a difference. The family atmosphere guarantees a real commitment to the production and a close contact with the customers.


Our story continues

Our mission is to work together with and for the customers to seek solutions and making products. The trust that we build up this way often results in a long-term cooperation. This is also why our company is highly recognized, nationally as well as internationally.


Pelter Pressing BV

Stuifzandstraat 30
3900 Pelt

Tel +32 (0)11 61 05 30
Fax +32 (0)11 61 05 38


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